Dafeng Hui, Ph.D.


Associate Professor

Department of Biological Sciences

Tennessee State University

3500 John A. Merritt Blvd.

Nashville, TN 37209

Tel: (615) 963-5777, FAX: (615) 963-5747

Email: dhui@tnstate.edu

Http://faculty.tnstate.edu/dhui (This webpage)




Ph.D. Botany (Ecology), University of Oklahoma. 2002
M.S. Agronomy (Biostatistics and Genetics), Yangzhou University, China . 1994


2007.08  present        Associate Professor (2013-), Assistant Professor (2007-2013), Tennessee State University, Nashville, TN

2007.01 2007.08       Post-doc Fellow, Auburn University, Auburn, AL

2004.11 2006.12       Research Associate, Duke University, Durham, NC

2002.08 2004.10       Post-Doc, Research Scientist / Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Oklahoma , Norman , OK

1999.01 2002.08       Graduate Research Assistant, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK

1997.04 1998.12       Visiting Scholar, Desert Research Institute, Reno, NV


Global change ecology, ecosystem ecology, biogeochemical cycle, ecological modeling, eco-statistics (applications of statistics in ecology).


2007- present   Principles of Ecology, Tennessee State University

2012-present    Special Topics: Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Tennessee State University

2002, 2003   Biostatistics and Computer Applications. University of Oklahoma.

1996.            Statistical Analysis System (SAS) and it's application, Yangzhou University, China.
1995.            Quantitative Genetics, Yangzhou University, China.

1994-97.       Computer applications and Database Management (FoxBase), Yangzhou University, China.

1992-97.      Experimental Design and Biostatistics. Yangzhou University, China.


  1. Identification and modulation of functional protein association networks for drought tolerance in switchgrass. 9/1/2012-8/31/2015, $499,995. USDA CBG Program (PI: S. Zhou, Co-PIs, J. de off, D. Hui, G. Smith, F. Chen).

  2. Experimental and modeling study of switchgrass productivity and greenhouse gas emissions under climate change and nitrogen application. 10/01/2012-9/30/2015.  USDA Evans-Allen Program (PI: D. Hui). 

  3. Improving Nitrogen and Water Use Efficiency to Reduce Greenhouse Gases Emission in Corn Croplands. 10/1/2011-9/30/2014. $299,930. USDA CBG program (PI: Sam O. Dennis, Co-PIs: Dafeng Hui, and Chandra Reddy. Former PI: Junming Wang.).

  4. Dveloping and Evaluating Sustainable Production of Eastern Gamagrass as Complementary Bioenergy Feedstock to Switchgrass. 2010-2013. $424,820. USDA CBG Program (PI: E. Dzantor, Co-PIs: D. Tyler, F. Tegegne, and D. Hui).

  5. URM: Enhancing Minority Undergraduate Student Research Experiences in Ecology and Environmental Science. 2009-2014. $614,520. National Science Foundation (PI: D. Hui).

  6. MRI: Acquisition of a Photosynthesis and Respiration System for Research and Education at Tennessee State University. 2009-2012, $66,780, National Science Foundation (PI: D. Hui; Co-PIs: Emmanuel Dzantor, Elbert Myles).

  7. Li-Cor Environmental Education Fund (LEEF) Grant. 2009. $40,000, Li-Cor Biosciences.

  8. TSU Faculty Research Award. 2008, $12,000. TSU (PI).

  9. Data-Model Fusion at AmeriFlux Sites: Towards Predictive Understanding of Seasonal and Interannual Variability in Net Ecosystem Exchange. 2005-2008, $260,000, National Science Foundation (Co-PI, with Dr. Y. Luo as PI).

  10. Interannual Variability in Net Ecosystem Exchange in Colorado Subalpine Forest:  Partitioning into Causes between Climatic Variability and Functional Changes. 2003-2004, $106,000. DOE National Institute For Global Environmental Change (Co-PI. PI: Y. Luo).


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1.    2013. Outstanding Researcher Award, College of AHN, Tennessee State University

2.      2012, 2010. DOE ORNL/ORAU HBCU/MEI Faculty Summer Research Program

3.      2008. DOE Higher Education Research Experiences at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory for Distinguished Scientists and Faculty.


Member of Ecological Society of America (1999-present), American Geophysical Union (2000-present), Sigma Xi (2003-2009), and ASA (2012).