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HIST 350 Exam 2 -Take Home Exam

Due Date: This test is due at 4:00 p.m., April 15, 2002, in class.

Topic Areas: The exam will cover all of the 20th century topics from the Rise of New Actors (USA, Middle and Working Classes) to the National Security Doctrine governments and responses to them. Please note that not all the lectures originally scheduled were actually covered in class. Only those in the following list will be on the exam.

Lecture Notes: The test will cover the following lectures. 


Structure of the Exam: This is a take-home essay exam. You will have to do two essays from the following list. You must indicate one as your major essay and one as your minor essay. Your major essay will be worth 60%, your minor 40%. In grading these essays, I will assume you have done the appropriate readings.  In doing an essay, there are certain things you should remember. A good essay will first of all answer the question. Make sure you do address all parts of the question. A good essay is both specific and general: specific in its examples, general in its use of major themes. Finally, a good essay has a definite structure: an introduction, a body with an organization and argument, and a conclusion. So, in doing your essay, you should:

Essay Questions:

Academic Honesty and Use of Other Sources: Do not even think of turning in work other than your own. Do not download from the Internet, do not copy from books, do not share your work, do no, do not, do not. If you use a source other than the textbook, readings, or class notes, be sure to use citations. No citations equals plagiarism. Plagiarism equals a zero on the exam. If you have any questions about this policy, ask me, not another student, not your mom, or your preacher, or the mailman.

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