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Madero and the Wars of the Mexican Revolution

I. Revolution - What is it?

II. The Beginning of the End

III. Run-up to Francisco Madero's Rebellion

IV. Madero's Revolution: The Collapse of the Old Order (1910-1913)

V. Madero in Power

VI. Huerta in Power - The Revolt of the Masses (1913-1915)

VII. Three main armies involved in anti-Huerta war

VIII. Characteristics of leaders

IX. Defeat of the Masses (1915-1920)

X. Consolidation of the New Order (1920+)

The Sonoran Dynasty - Aftermath of the Wars of Revolution

I. 1920 - What to do?

II. Alvaro Obregon and the Founding of the Sonoran Dynasty

III. Jose Vasconselos and Culture Under the Revolution

IV. Other Reforms Under Obregon

V. Plutarco Elias Calles (1924-1928) and the later part of the Sonoran Dynasty

Mexico: The Era of Lazaro Cardenas
I. Lazaro Cardenas - President 1934-40, dominant to 1946 II. Agrarian Reform III. Education

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