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Cuba: Pre-Revolutionary Era

I. Cuba Under Spain

II. Independence and the Spanish-American War

III. The First US Occupation, 1898-1902

IV. The Platt Republic

V. Revolution of 1933 and Fulgencio Batista

Cuban Economics and Social Structure, Pre-1959

I. Early History of Sugar

III. Development of Latifundio (large concentrations of land in the hands of few people)

III. World War I and the Dance of the Millions

IV. Decline of the Sugar Industry

V. Situation in 1959  

VI. Sugar guaranteed structural unemployment and underemployment

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The Revolution of Fidel Castro

I. Origins of the Revolution

II. Creating the Revolution, Conflict with United States

III. The Revolution in Power

IV. Creating a Socialist Society

V. Cuba and the World

VI. Periodo Especial

The Cuban Revolution and Food

I. The Poor get More

II. Rationing and the Libreta

III. Parallel Market

IV. Growing Your Own

V. Black Market

VI. Eating Out

VII. Private Markets

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