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Exam II - Fall 2001

THIS IS A TAKE-HOME EXAM! -  The two essays for the exam are due at the start of class, Thursday, November 15.

TOPIC AREAS: This exam will cover everything from Independence to the end of the Lazaro Cardenas era (1946). (Cardenas's presidency ended in 1940 - however, he remained powerful through the Camacho administration of 1940-46.)

BOOK CHAPTERS: These topics are covered in chapters 14-40.

LECTURE NOTES: The lectures covered include:

STRUCTURE OF THE EXAM: The exam will have two essays. The required essay (Part I) will be worth 65%, the essay you choose from Part II will be worth 35%.

Part I - Required Essay Question: Everyone must do this question. 65 points.

Part II - Choose an Essay: You must do one (1) of the following. 35 points.

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