Addendum to American History Syllabus

American Cultural Notes                            History 201 Notes: Revolutionary War

Directions for Term Papers                         History 2020, Study Sheet, Test I, Summer

Computer Exercise for Hist 201, chaps. 5-6  History 202 Notes

History 202 Study Sheet, Test 3                   History 2020 Notes: World War II

Lecture Notes--Lovett                                 History 492 Notes: Harlem Renaissance

History 2020 Notes: The Far West               Reflections in Black: Power Point Presentation

Senior Project History 450 Topics                 History 491 Notes: Slave Women & Children

History 492 Study Sheet Test I, Summer        History 2020 Study Sheet, Test 4

Profile of Tennessee State University               Cheat Policy for Lovett's Classes

History 492 Syllabus