Reading Reactions

Reading Reaction #1 - Read Herodotus: "Why The Nile Floods in Summer". Write a paragraph or two (approximately 150-250 words) discussing whether or not you regard this to be science, if science is the pursuit of a theoretical understanding of the natural world based on observation. Due in class, Sep 19.

Reading Reaction #2 -  Read Roger Bacon: On Experimental Science, 1268. Write a paragraph or two (approximately 150-250 words) on what you believe the term "experimental science" meant to Bacon. Due in class, Sep 26.

Reading Reaction #3 - Read Maeterlicnk, The Life of a Bee (read section 45)  and Huxley, The Physiology of the Crayfish (read up to Figure 19). Consider how these to authors understand the creature they are studying. Do they treat their subjects in a similar fashion, or do you think their approaches have some significant differences? Explain your answer. Due in class, Nov 21.