HIST 3200, History of Mexico
Midterm Exam

Instructions: For this exam, you will write two essays based on the questions below. You make use of any source that you like. However, any quotes should be footnoted (or other appropriate citation), and you should also use footnotes if you make use of any source other than the two assigned books, other assigned readings, or lecture notes. These essays should be about 2 pages long, or 450-650 words. They will be due by March 5, and may be emailed if you desire: tcorse@tnstate.edu


  1. Compare the mindset, the cultural world view, of the Spaniards and the Amerindian people they encountered in Mexico. How did the differences between them impact the outcome of that encounter?
  2. How did the Spanish establish their authority in Mexico and control the people of Mexico? (This is not just about the initial conquest but also about establishing a government.)
  3. The Spanish government sought to Catholicize the Amerindians of Mexico. Why? How effective were these efforts?
  4. Discuss the broad outlines of the colonial Mexican economy. What were the main sources of wealth and production? What was Mexico's economic relationship to the outside world? What role did different racial/ethnic groups play in the economy?
  5. Discuss the principle differences between rural and urban society in colonial Mexico. Think about such things as who lives where, what kind of jobs they do, and the role of church and government.
  6. [This question covers the Feb 26 material] Discuss the impact of race on individuals in colonial Mexico. Take at least two racial categories from colonial society and discuss how people's lives were shaped by being a member of that racial group (such as Amerindian, mestizo, mulatto, white, black, etc.). You will want to consider such things as employment, political power, and labor issues, among other things.