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HIST 452 - Spring 2003
Final Exam

Due date: This is a take home exam. You must turn this in to my office by 4:00 p.m., Friday, May 9, 2003.  If I am not there, please put your test  under my door or give them to the secretary in the department office. You may also e-mail your exam to me, at

Topic Areas: This exam covers the material from the following lectures:

Readings: The exam will also cover the following readings:

Structure of the Exam: This is an essay exam. You will have to do two essays from the following list.  In doing an essay, there are certain things you should remember. A good essay will first of all answer the question. Make sure you do address all parts of the question. A good essay is both specific and general: specific in its examples, general in its use of major themes. Finally, a good essay has a definite structure: an introduction, a body with an organization and argument, and a conclusion. So, in doing your essay, you should:

Essay Questions:

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