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Patterns of Conquest
I. Defeat of Aztecs - Four key factors  II. III. Establishing Spanish Authority IV. The most important physical tool/symbol of authority was the city V. Assertion of Crown authority in Spanish America

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Spiritual Conquest of Latin America
I. "We came for the glory of God and to get rich!" - Bernal Diaz

II. Early Missionaries "Only men of a certain temperament are attracted to far lands. Spirits which had chafed in the cloister and energies which under the restrictions of the Old World could too easily sour into fretfulness found joyful fulfillment in the hardships artificially contrived in the Old World, but part of the texture of the days of the New; the weary distances traveled, always on foot; the strange food and stranger diseases; the exhaustion of the struggle to identify, in a flow of sound, the contours and intentions of human speech. Those burdens became their glory." - Inga Clendinnen, Ambivalent Conquests, p. 49. III. Conversion IV. Settler-missionary conflict

VI. Primary Brazilian Differences

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