Country Profile

I. Description - As a key assignment in this class, you will be expected to produce a country profile. For this assignment you may choose any of the countries included in the country map quiz, as well as any of the Caribbean island nations. This assignment has three parts: 1) Basic Statistics and Form of Government; 2) Historical Chronology; 3) Topical Focus.

II. Basic Statistics and Form of Government - You need to collect basic demographic and statistical data on the country, including

Please note that detail is good, but I do not expect a book length manuscript. Collect enough relevant facts to give an overall picture of the country's people, government, and economy.

III. Historical Chronology - Beginning with European colonization, working to the present, highlight the most important moments in a country's history, such as colonization, independence, coups and revolutions, abolishment of slavery, wars, etc. You should have a minimum of twenty (20) items in your chronology.

IV. Topical Focus - Pick any topic from the country's history or from its current events. Write a 600-800 word synopsis of that topic.

V. Presentation

VI. Grading - I will consider the following factors in assigning you grade.

VII. Due Dates and Rewrites - This assignment is due Nov 10. Those who turn it in late will not have an opportunity to do a rewrite.