Short Bibliography

Rationale: This assignment is designed to begin you on the process of writing your historiographical essay. It will demonstrate that their are sufficient materials for you to do the topic you have chosen, and it may help you refine your topic. This is also an opportunity to look for a book for the book review assignment

Instructions: You must collect a minimum of eight (8) sources for this assignment. All of these sources will not necessarily be part of your final paper, but it is important to show that material exists for your topic. As a guideline, I ask you to try to find four peer-reviewed books and four peer-reviewed journal articles. This 4/4 rule is not hard and fast - some topics will lend themselves more to books, some more to articles, but I ask you to make an good faith effort.

Peer Review: Peer review is a process by which scholars from a particular field review a work before it is published to determine if it meets the standards of that field and whether it adds anything new to the field.

Finding peer reviewed books and articles: Generally speaking, any book or journal published by a university press is peer reviewed. Many commercial publishers also publish peer reviewed work as well. Journals will often state that they are peer reviewed - look on the page that has their address, editor's name, and the like. A good source of peer reviewed articles is JSTOR (This is a subscription service. It's free from any computer on campus. Contact the library about off-campus access.) For commercially published books, if they have lots a footnotes and were published by professors, 99% of the time, they've been peer-reviewed.

Format: Use standard bibliographic form. Check the Turabian book for guidance.