HIST 3500/5110
Presentations and Critiques

General: All students are expected to do a short presentation on their final paper as well as a critique of one other students paper in the final weeks of class, done as a short presentation. The grade for the presentation will be added as a bonus to the grade for the final paper, while the critique will be part of your participation grade. You do not have to turn in any written paper for either of these - you grade will be based entirely on your presentations in class.

Presentation: You will give a short presentation,  no more than five minutes long, in which you will discuss what the thesis of your paper is and you will briefly discuss some of the principle evidence you use in the paper to support that thesis. Grades will be based primarily on coherence and whether you do indeed present a thesis.

Critique: You will give no more than a two minute presentation in which you discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the paper you have examined. Questions to consider include: Does the paper present a thesis? How well does it defend that thesis? It is a genuinely historiographic? You may also want to consider the grading criteria in the rubric. Grades will be based primarily on coherence.