HIST 1210 (World Civilization I) Final Exam Study Guide

Exam Structure: The exam will consist of two parts, an essay section and an identification section, each worth 50%. You will choose one essay from a selection that will be drawn from the essays below. For the identifications, you will be given a list of ten terms, drawn from the terms below, of which you will choose five for long (paragraph-length) identifications discussing the historical significance of those terms.

Grading Criteria:

Topics covered: This exam covers all material from the collapse of the Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire up to the early 1500s

Lectures covered:

Readings: Armesto, Chapters 12 -15

Essay Questions and Identification Terms: Below are the terms and essays. Each essay is associated with a set of terms. In many cases, the terms themselves will be useful in answering the essay as well. Some terms are useful for more than one essay!

Essay 1:

Essay 2:

Essay 3:

Essay 4:

Essay 5: