Reading Reaction, HIST 2010-22
U.S. History I, Fall 2008


1. Reading Reaction #1, Due Sep 11: William Bradford: History of Plymouth Plantation, c. 1650. Write a paragraph discussing what this reading reveals about the values of the Puritans.

2. Reading Reaction #2, Due Sep 25: Michel-Guillaume-Jean de Crèvecoeur, from Letters from an American Farmer 1782. Write a paragraph discussing what you believe Crèvecoeur thought was most important or most characteristic about being an American.

3. Reading Reaction #3, Due Nov 18: John L. O’Sullivan, "The Great Nation of Futurity" (1845). Write a paragraph reacting to O'Sullivan's vision of America and its future.

4. Reading Reaction #4, Due Nov 25: Abraham Lincoln: Second Inaugural Address, 1865. Write a paragraph explaining what you believe to be the values guiding Lincoln when he gave this speech.