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1. My username and password are not working.
A.  First, make sure you have received confirmation that your folder has been activated for entry through FrontPage. You will receive a confirmation email from the webmaster.

If you have received this email then make sure the CAPS key is not pressed and you are using TNSTATE\username, NOT your username and password for myTSU. You will be using the same username that you used to login to any computer on campus. If you are still having trouble logging on please call 963-7777. You might be locked out due to multiple login attempts. Please tell the Help Desk staff that you may be locked out of your account.

2. What is the name of the default page for my website?
A. The name of the default page is default.htm. When your web folder was created a sample default.htm was created for you.

3. Where can I find FrontPage web design help?
A. Please visit this website.

4. I need more space to hold a project. How do I get more?
A. More space is given only when the request pertains to an academic necessity like additional space for a project. The request for the space should come via your instructor. Requests from students will not be accepted.

5. Can I access my files via FTP? (File Transfer Protocol)
A. Access to the server via FTP is not available.

6. Is there a way that I can be made an exception to use FTP to access my folder?
A. We do not allow FTP access period. FTP and FrontPage Extensions don't work together very well. To allow FTP access we would leave a hole in our server security, therefore it is not allowed.

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