JAMES  MONTMARQUET (Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1978); Professor.  Areas of Special Interest: Philosophy of Religion (especially 'religious experience'), Theory of Knowledge (especially ‘epistemic virtue’), Moral Philosophy (especially ‘moral character’)


                                        With my mother and daughter (respectively)

Welcome to my home page, and thank you for your interest in what I do!  I have been teaching at Tennessee State University, here in Nashville, since 1986.  My main areas of research have concerned the moral and especially the ‘epistemic’ virtues.  More recently, I have been applying my work on the latter subject to questions in the philosophy of religion, with an eye to finding some middle ground, in the epistemology of religious experience, between pragmatism on one side, and a view of such experience as a form of perception, on the other.  To this end, I am working on a book showing how religious faith can be epistemically virtuous (responsible). A detailed list of my publications may be found on my vita You may e-mail me at jmontmarquet@tnstate.edu  

"Religious Experience: Negotiating James's Middle Passage"