Dr. Luke A. Powers, Professor of English

   and Coordinator of M.A. in English Program


 Office: 321 Humanities Building

 Phone: 963-5726 (office); 243-6097 (cell)



 B.A. in English, UNC-Chapel Hill

 M.A. in Folklore, UNC-Chapel Hill

 Ph.D. in English, Vanderbilt University



ENGL 1010/1020 Freshman Composition

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General Information about the M.A. in English Program.

ENGL 2110/2120  American Literature

ENGL 2310/2320 World Literature

ENGL 2000 Advanced Composition

ENGL 3410/5410 Studies in British


ENGL 3670 The Short Story

ENGL 3710 Methods of Teaching English

ENGL 5110 Bibliography and Method

Victorian Literature

Modern Literature

Religious Studies