Beginning SQL

Class Description
This class will focus on the basic SQL skills necessary for entry level database students. No previous SQL, Oracle, or database experience will be assumed. The majority of class time and lab work will be placed on the Data Manipulation Language (DML) skills necessary for entry level staff to construct queries to deliver the datasets necessary to perform their jobs and run reports. A high priority will also be given to exposing students to some of the basic options, techniques, and resources available so they will be able to determine their best approach for a given task, this of course will take practice and experience through use.

Textbook and tools for use in the class
Text: Murach’s Oracle SQL and PL/SQL, ISBN 978-1-890774-50-9, Published by Mike Murach & Associates, Inc.
Tools: Oracle 10g Express Edition (XE), Oracle SQL Developer 1.5.5 or later, both will be available on DVD from me or downloadable from Oracles website at no charge.

Content to be covered

Oracle 10g SQL Reference

Text book


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