HIST 3200-History of Mexico
Final Exam

EXAM STRUCTURE: This is a take-home exam. You will write two essays. There is one required essay that everyone must do. For the second essay, you may choose from a list, given below.

Instructions: You must do Essay A. You must then choose one of the essays listed under "Essay B." Please read the essay questions and ALL of the instructions that follow it. There is no set essay length. Essays should be of a sufficient length to give a full response.  In other words, don't turn in a couple of hastily slapped-together pages and expect a good grade. In grading, I will assume that you have read Brief History as well as The Underdogs, El Narco, and the handouts.  You may use sources other than the lectures and assigned readings if you choose, but please cite your sources. By citation, I mean reference to page numbers and all information I would need to be able to find the material you used - no plagiarism will be tolerated.

Due Date, Graduating Seniors: This exam is due April 27, 2012. If you wish to e-mail it to me, please send it to tcorse@tnstate.edu.

Due Date, Everyone Else: This exam is due May 4, 2012. If you wish to e-mail it to me, please send it to tcorse@tnstate.edu.

Essay A (comprehensive essay):

Essay B - Choose one of the following:

  1. To what extent can we say the Mexican Revolution was a real revolution, based on the definition we discussed in class? See The Mexican Revolution, Part I
  2. Why did the Mexicans lose the Mexican-American War? You do not need to go into deep detail, but only need to discuss the major issues.
  3. How did the rule of Porfirio Diaz lead to the Mexican Revolution?
  4. What was the Liberal political agenda, and what was its impact on Mexico?
  5. What was the impact of independence on Mexico? Be sure to consider political, economic, and social factors.
  6. In the twentieth century, what has been the impact of Mexico's proximity to the United States on the development of its history? This is obviously a huge topic. Pick two to three factors to focus on, and use concrete details.
  7. Why did Mexico have such difficulties in the nineteenth century developing a national identity and a stable national government? What impact did these difficulties have on the nation?
  8. Do you agree with Ioan Grillo's thesis that Mexico is presently experiencing a criminal insurgency? What is the best evidence he brings to this argument? What counterarguments could be made to his thesis?