All in the Family


Shawn-Marie Morrow



Throughout history, there have been many rumors circulated around Queen Elizabeth I.  One prominent rumor involved Thomas Seymour, beginning in 1549.  To give some back ground information on whom Thomas Seymour actually was, he was the husband to Elizabeth’s step mother, Katherine Parr and brother to the late Jane Seymour.  Rumors had it that Elizabeth and Thomas had actually been caught kissing or even in bed together by Katherine.  Aside from what Katherine witnessed between the two, at times, staff would have attested for observing Thomas Seymour sneak into Elizabeth’s chamber late at night or early in the morning with his night clothes still on.  Shortly after those allegations, rumor had it that Elizabeth was pregnant with Seymour’s child.  This, to some extent, put Elizabeth on trial for incest and sexual intrigue.  After Katherine died, it was known that Thomas Seymour had asked Elizabeth for her hand in marriage, in which she denied.  Was there some kind of romance going on between Queen Elizabeth and Thomas Seymour?  The world may never know.


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