Student Works

Individual Projects


Robert Dudley by Lanique Ruffin

Creative Projects

Michael Adkins Makes Robert Dudley Speak

Denise Davis evaluates Jean Plaidy

Stacey Hilliard compares biographies

Orna Jones as the Voice of QEI

Evelyn Moody: Paper & PowerPoint

Shawn-Marie Morrow as Henry VIII

Lanique Ruffin's Proposed Television Series

Darius Williamson on the Great Chain of Being

Wes Weems on Sir Francis Walsingham and the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre


Why Elizabeth is Still Relevant Today

Christopher's Perspective

Lanique's Perspective

Shawn-Marie's Perspective

Elizabeth I and Domestic Violence & Elizabeth I and the American Suffragists by Christopher Taylor

Sir Francis Walsingham Speaks to the Future by Tanya Delancy

Denise's Perspective on Elizabeth's Virginity

Denise Davis on "Why We Still Love Elizabeth Today"

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