Queen Elizabeth:

Awaken and Open Your Eyes


Queen Elizabeth, over the years, has been a lady that has been involved in many topics of discussion, ranging from her life as a child all the way to her virginity.  Queen Elizabeth’s image is recognized even 400 years after her death.  She is the woman who brought about change in the way society viewed a woman’s status.  When society poses the question of is it possible for a woman to rule a country with great knowledge and integrity, Queen Elizabeth is the answer to the question.

Queen Elizabeth remains current for audiences and artists in 2007 for many reasons.  In today’s society, many people feel that a woman does not have the ability to wield power over the United States of America.  In England, many citizens as well as people of high status undermined Queen Elizabeth’s capability to rule over England, yet she made sure she protected her country no matter what the stakes were.  She at one point gave a speech to her people before the attack of the Spanish Armada, which gained the trust and admiration of the society.  She said to them that they were going to fight hard and win even if she had to put on armor and help fight.  This shows that Queen Elizabeth was brilliant.  This woman not only tried to gain loyalty from her country, but proved how loyal she could also be to her country.  This was an extraordinary event for that time, so looking back at it now in 2007, people should stop harping on the idea of a woman not being able to rule a country and realize that not only has it been done in a great manner.

On the other hand, at times, writers and artists try to poke fun at the type of image Elizabeth portrays.  For instance, in Black Adder II, Elizabeth’s character was very vain and self - absorbed.  Since Elizabeth was a great Queen in her time, when people talk about her now, they try to give people an image of her being a “woman” instead of a great “Queen of England”.  Some feel that women are emotional beings that only act and respond based on how they feel and not on what is good for others; therefore Black Adder II  played upon this misconception, but who is to say that a woman can not be a woman and a ruler at the same time?

Queen Elizabeth was a woman who brought about change to the world’s perception of women and will always be remembered for that.  The more people research her life, the more ideas that are brought about for discussion.  Queen Elizabeth engages audiences all around the world because of who she was, what she thought, and what she stood for.

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