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Michael Adkins

March 27, 2007

Morgan-Curtis TTh 9:40-11:05


“Interesting Character Analysis of Robert Dudley aka ICARD”


     My choice of a character from the Elizabeth I period


of reign is a man named Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester. 


Robert Dudley is a very interesting character.  Personally,


I think he is one of the most interesting characters in


16th century England.  Not only is Dudley quite interesting,


he is also quite intriguing.  Of course, I think


Robert Dudley was quite smooth with the ladies, especially


with Elizabeth.  I think it was his smooth talk and smooth


approaches that ultimately attracted her to “the man”


or Mr. Dudley.  So, why exactly did Elizabeth become the


female and one to have the closest of relations to


Robert Dudley?  Was it because Elizabeth and Dudley were


friends with each other from their childhood to Dudley’s


death in the late 16th century?  Was it their compatible


level of intelligence to each other?  Was it their trust


and respect for each other?  What exactly attracted


Elizabeth I to Dudley?  The exact answer to why Elizabeth


had her closest relations to Robert Dudley would certainly


take years if not possibly even decades to fully determine. 


The goal of this writing will merely be an attempt to state


at least some of the possible reasons why Dudley was able


to have close relations with Elizabeth in the 16th century.


     Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley had close relations


because they had a friendship that started back when Dudley


was just eight years old.  They met each other while


in the position of being taught in a royal classroom in


England.  Their friendship, which started in school during


their youth, would go on to last for the remainder of their


lives.  As time went along, the friendship situation of


Elizabeth and Robert Dudley progressed into a good


friendship.  As the good friendship went along, they


supposedly got closer and closer to each other.  It is


possible but not completely certain that since their


friendship progress managed to get so good that the two of


them actually moved to a level of having great affection


and love for one another.  This closeness they had in


friendship and possible love they might have had for


each other is one reason to support the notion as to why


Elizabeth and Dudley had the closest relations to each


other and why Elizabeth did not have closer relations to


any other man in England or even elsewhere for that matter.


     Both Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley had a good, strong


level of intelligence.  Since they both had just about the


exact same level of intelligence, they were able to talk to


each other with quite intelligent talk and were even able


to hold discussions about many of the same things due to


the fact that they both knew the same amount of information


about many of those same things.  Their equal or at least


very similar level of intelligence compatibility with each


other is another reason why Elizabeth and Dudley was able


to have really close relations with one another.


     It is no secret that both Elizabeth I and


Robert Dudley had both trust and something called respect


for one another.  They had so much trust and respect for


each other in fact that she made him her


Master of the Horse when she became the Queen of England in


1558.  The level of noticeable trust and respect Elizabeth


and Dudley had for each other yielded a great friendship


for them and might have even had the potential to be full


of enough good quality to bring on affection and love for


each other and almost enough to bring on marriage but just


barely not quite enough for that.  However, the trust and


respect they did have for each other did qualify them to


have a close relation situation together.


     Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester was a colorful and


unique character from 16th century England.  Dudley was able


to have close relations with Elizabeth I because they knew


each other from childhood and had a very similar or perhaps


even the same level of brightness with each other.  In


retrospect, Robert Dudley likely had one of the best


matches one could possibly have for marriage to Elizabeth,


but the marriage never came to fruition due to the reality


Elizabeth did not want to be married to anyone not even


Robert Dudley.


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