Lanique Ruffin


            HONR 3002

            Individual Project


                                                            Elizabeth and her Boys:

                                    An Introduction and Review of the Upcoming Series


                        Elizabeth I and her life is enough to make a drama/comedy television series, a collection of books, a narrative of poems or plays, and a handful of pictures not only interesting but full of scandal. Her life is the perfect scene for an audience who is in love with sex, money, affairs, and drama. Introducing Elizabeth and her Boys! To America, this television series in-the-making, is the perfect couple of history and romance locked up in a pro-feminist view of a healthy woman who put any existing man to shame. Airing this television series would introduce several conflicts with its racy and controversial material. However, if America can tolerate cartoons like Family Guy and shows like Desperate Housewives, this new television series will be right at home. Movies like the Queen which just came to theaters and the favorite television series the Tudors have already set the platform for a television series such as my own. All of these shows are rather popular and seeing an opportunity to mirror the life of Elizabeth and show it on television, naturally I jumped to it. The finished product is a wonderful series that stays true to the facts of Elizabeth’s life and captures the wonder and unique traits of her reign during the 17th century. 

             I just couldn’t come up with anything better than a television series after looking at the various opportunities to create something lively that would reflect Elizabeth I’s true character. Since Henry VIII Showtime’s The Tudors was such a hit, why not focus on someone who would be equally controversial and would actually be worthy of making a television series about. After all, Elizabeth was one of the strongest and most powerful women of her time. I believed her reputation deserved to be aired on television, because, it would give young woman and young girls an opportunity to see that the world hasn’t always been dominated by men. Women too, could lead a whole nation and not fall into the “I-have-to-have-a-man-to-be-successful” stereotype. Plus the television series is a way to really show my creative nature and let my imagination run ramped. Elizabeth and all she embodies is not only a historical success but also and a present day success. If Henry VIII can be aired, so can Elizabeth I. Honor should be given where it is due.       

            After inspecting an episode of the “Tudors”, the most expensive television show airing an inaccurate account of Henry VIII’s life, I figured, why not have a television series on the person who didn’t corrupt a nation, didn’t behead everyone within the inner court, actually tried to do something positive for her people, and after countless gestures of gender discrimination still prevailed to rule the Golden Age which was one of the most prospering times England encountered in all its existence. Unfortunately, this idea seemed a little boring even to me. I mean come on; we must have inaccurate scandals and evil intruding the television set right? Shoot, it’s already 2007 that we are talking about here! We must have evil conspiracies, vulgarity, lust, something!  So I decided to focus on the commanding and manipulative power of Elizabeth the First. I titled the series, “Elizabeth and her Boys”. Notice the name ‘boys’, because all she dealt with were boys, never real men, except for maybe Walsingham. This television series will not only teach men and woman alike how to deal with difficult people, but also those that find you attractive and are only in your life to suck the wealth out of you. This television series was created for the simple fact that there needs to be a show displayed in 17th century that features a female as the dominant character, and not subject to a husband or any other person. There needs to be the image of a woman being able to control national power, and control it well. Above all else, there needs to be the image of a woman who is indeed capable of handling a nation without being controlled by her emotions, and not using her sexual appearance to succeed in life. It is time for a woman to be valued because of her wit and her intelligence rather than her body. Hence the remarkable television series of such a controversial topic: the woman who supersedes men and does it with her morals in tact!

            Elizabeth and her Boys will consist of as many episodes as can be created. However, I will list one of the scenes from the first episode below. Most of the series will focus on Elizabeth’s power to resist manly temptation and will include facts about her ‘favorite’ men and also their relationships. However another aspect of the television series will consist of the rule of Elizabeth, tidbits of the Golden Age, the art and plays that she enjoyed watching and participating in, but mostly how she used all of these talents God gave her to evade the major issue of marriage and rule a nation. The television series will be set in 17th Century England with built-in replicas of the castles she lived in and owned and where she conducted national and stately business. Unlike any other television series already made popular by an American audience surprisingly interested in English history, this television series will strive to tell the facts about her rule and reign. Included in this package will be the various men that she courted as I stated before but also her issues with France and the Spanish. There will be real enactments of the supposed war between England and the Spanish and will consist of almost a million’s dollars worth of props and scenery objects. This show will by far outweigh Showtime’s The Tudors in financial cost. The characters will speak English for the audiences’ sake, and will consist of a diverse cultural group, since most of Elizabeth’s counselors and advisors were from various cultural backgrounds.

            In the following scene, Elizabeth I (acted by Kate Hudson) and Robert Dudley (acted by Leonardo DiCaprio) are involved in a heated debate over Robert Dudley’s wife (who was acted by). I choose Kate Hudson because she is a wonderful actor and looks the English/regal part. Leonardo DiCaprio I choose to spice up the casting, and to give the woman viewing this series a similar feeling that I am sure Elizabeth had with Dudley. Finally I choose Sandra Bullock because she is able to commit to suicidal scenes quite well, and she also has a long neck, one that is easy to contrast sickly symptoms upon and still make the scene believable. This scene is set in Elizabeth’s inner courtroom, found within the palace. Elizabeth is shown drinking water from a royal cup, and upon hearing of his suspension of court duties, Robert rushes in to speak with Elizabeth.


                                    “How dare you give such an order! I have been your friend, your confidante, almost your lover, and I have never harmed you. How can you be so heartless?” (Leonardo stares into Elizabeth’s face after having grabbed her cup away from her impending mouth and startling her. Breathlessly she stops her hand from slapping his face, annoyed at his outburst. She rises from her chair and meets his gaze.

“How was I to know that she would die suddenly? Do you know what words are circulating within my chambers? I hear talk of orders you gave to kill her, orders that I supposedly gave to kill her, I am hearing that you yourself poisoned her, and all to become closer to me? Don’t tell me her death is good news to you, God heavens’ you should be mourning, but instead you are here bellowing at me for my agreement to suspend you from court so that this scandal can subside? Are you nuts or are you retarded? I am doing this for you and—“(she gets cut off by his aggravated sigh which suddenly turns into a cry of frustration).

 “You cannot be serious! You of all people are going to school me on how to feel about a...a relationship! (He looks at her incredulously) You knew I never really loved her, you knew that my eye was forever on you! Why else would I spend as much time as I have with you? Yes, you are Queen of England, but you were my friend first, and then Queen of England…what happened to that? (Angrily she takes the cup of water out of his hand and throws its remaining contents in his face.

 “You are just like the others. Expecting me to have a husband, thinking I can’t live without a man by my side! Well I have news for you! It isn’t my fault you married for money and it sure as hell isn’t my fault that you fell in love with me. Look around Dudley, (she stares at him with a haughty smile, gesturing with her long fingers) you aren’t the only man here within my court that finds me attractive. If I am not physically attractive to them, I am financially, and that is not going to change anytime soon. The real question of this futile argument is the fact that I have been seen with you too many times for my own health, and must I remind you that I am the Queen and when I desire your services you give them. Therefore your time is of little value to me, I require it, and you give accordingly. As to the problem at hand with your wife, I don’t know what took place. I don’t know what you did, and to be honest I am scared for you. You have been my friend for a long time, but even friends when placed so close to royalty can become evil of heart and commence to doing things they previously would have never done. In small terms, Dudley, you’ve changed, and I will not allow a murderer in my courts. Much less will I have him spiting blood on my otherwise pure reputation. Suspended, you are from my court (pointing at him with a very regal look and aura about her), and I will not have you around for such a time as I desire. You are now excused.” With an angry puff, and almost spiting at the mouth, he turned to leave her presence, but right when he touched the door, he thought better of it, turned around, and upon seeing her back turned to him forcefully walked the short distance to cover her ear with his mouth. He teased it with his soft lips and whispered in her ear.

” You are still mine. Regal as you are, you are still mine and whether you like it or not I am the only best friend you’ve got in this palace. But now, I’m leaving and you will be all alone, open for the alligators to snatch you up and eat you raw. Have a nice day, your majesty.” He said sarcastically and turning proceeded to walk out of the room. After a couple of seconds Elizabeth sends for a bodyguard to accompany Dudley to his house. She tells the guard to watch him loosely, implying that she would not at all be offended if he were to suddenly become ill. Smiling to herself, she walks away into a private room to sign papers.

            A short clip of this scene is already open to viewers on the internet. It is shown within a website that provides factual information about Elizabeth I and her life, and also gives you some insight into those false accusations about her love life, that as seen in this television series is obviously not true. I hope you will enjoy the series coming to your TV. screens in two months. It will air on Tuesdays at 8:00 pm. Enjoy!