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Michael Adkins

March 1, 2007

Morgan-Curtis, TTh 9:40-11:05


Journal Entry Assignment 1:


     In the 1998 movie about Queen Elizabeth I entitled


Elizabeth, Lord Robert Dudley Earl of Leicester, who is


played by Joseph Fiennes, is in love with Elizabeth I,


played by Cate Blanchett.  This is quite the choice of a


lady for Robert Dudley to choose to be in love with because


Elizabeth, who is twenty-five years old, has now become the


queen of England.  Dudley shows his love for Elizabeth by


constantly coming to see her no matter where she is located


at the time.  “For God’s sake, you are still my Elizabeth.” 


This is one of the main quotes and certainly


is Robert Dudley’s best quote in the Elizabeth movie. 


     He says the quote at a time in the movie when he has


the opportunity to dance with Elizabeth I.  He says the


quote to her in order to affirm to Elizabeth the fact that


he is truly in love with her.  Of course, Elizabeth


does not agree with his saying of the quote due to the fact


she is aware that marriage to Robert Dudley would not be


possible for her.  She knew he was not a good enough suitor


for her.  She also knew that for political reasons she


could never marry him.  Elizabeth additionally comes to


find out that Robert Dudley is already married.  Dudley is


married to a woman named Amy. 


     According to the biographical account of Elizabeth I


entitled The Virgin Queen by Christopher Hibbert, Amy and


Robert are married to each other, but he wants to dispose


of her in some way so he can marry Elizabeth (Hibbert 64).


Forunately for Robert Dudley, Amy eventually dies due to


taking a tragic fall down a staircase (Hibbert 81). 


Unfortunately for Robert Dudley, the death of Amy is


considered by some to have been a deliberate act


concocted by Dudley so that his wife would die, leaving him


with the opportunity to marry the one woman he truly wanted


to marry, his Elizabeth. 


     Due to the controversy surrounding Amy’s death, Dudley


was not able to marry Elizabeth.  She knew that even though


he really did love her, Elizabeth knew that the controversy


surrounding the death of Dudley’s wife would hurt the


reputation that she had to uphold being the queen in


England.  Elizabeth knew marrying Robert Dudley would be


her decision to force at least possible if not certain


death upon herself.  Elizabeth was a smart woman, and


despite her interest and love for Robert Dudley, she had


the intelligence to know that she could never marry him


under any circumstances.


     There is one scene in the movie Elizabeth in which


Elizabeth and Robert Dudley are riding together in a boat.


While the two of them are enjoying the company of each


other, an assassination attempt is made on Elizabeth.


Neither Elizabeth nor Robert Dudley is killed in the


assassination attempt, but the occurrence causes security


for Elizabeth to be heightened.  When Elizabeth is safely


returned back to the castle, Robert Dudley makes his


attempt to try to see her.  He wants to see her to make


sure she is in good condition.  Unfortunately for Dudley,


the decision has been made that no one can see Elizabeth in


her room.  Robert Dudley still tries to see Elizabeth but


is informed that no one can see Elizabeth in her room.  The


“no one” list includes Robert Dudley.  Robert Dudley is not


very pleased, amused, or happy in regards to the fact he is


unable to have the pleasure of being in her presence once


more.  Dudley shows his love in this scene of the movie


because he has the ultimate desire in him to be able to see


his Elizabeth but is not granted any type of access to see


the woman that he at least gives the appearance that he


truly loves her. 


     Perhaps, Robert Dudley may truly love Elizabeth or


perhaps he may truly not.  The fact of the matter is that


Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley do not have the option to


marry each other.  He may want marriage with her; she may


even want marriage with him; however, there is no way in


England that the union of these two individuals will be


granted approval by anyone in England.  The circumstances


and all of the responsibilities of the crown of England for


Queen Elizabeth I just do not mix with the concept of her


marrying Robert Dudley, really with the concept of her


marrying anyone.  Thus, Robert Dudley is able to love


Elizabeth; Elizabeth is able to love him, but Elizabeth


must stay unmarried.



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