Elizabethan Timeline

Date (Day - Month - Year)


7 September 1533

Elizabeth Tudor is born in England at Greenwich Palace on the Thames River

10 September 1533

Elizabeth is christened at Greenwich Palace

11 May 1534

Henry VIII makes peace with Scotland

6 June 1535

Thomas More executed

7 January 1536

Catherine of Aragon dies

19 May 1536

Queen Anne Boleyn executed

1 July 1536

Elizabeth declared illegitimate by Parliament

12 October 1537

Prince Edward is born, the "boy King" Edward VI

15 October 1537

Edward VI is christened

24 October 1537

Jane Seymour dies

28 July 1540

Thomas Cromwell executed

13 February 1542

Catherine Howard is executed

24 May 1543

Copernicus dies

12 February 1554

Lady Jane Grey and her husband Guildford Dudley executed

18 March 1554

Elizabeth is sent to the Tower of London for supposed complicity with Sir Thomas Wyatt and his followers

11 April 1554

Sir Thomas Wyatt executed

19 May 1554

Elizabeth is taken from the Tower to be closely confined at Woodstock Manor, Oxfordshire

30 November 1554

Sir Philip Sidney is born

16 October 1555

Elizabeth is released from Woodstock after a year's captivity, and allowed to return to her childhood home of Hatfield

24 January 1556

Massive earthquake kills 850,000 people

21 March 1556

Archbishop Thomas Cranmer is burned at the stake

16 July 1557

Anne of Cleves dies

17 November 1558

Queen Mary of England dies

17 November 1558

Elizabeth becomes the queen of England


Elizabeth reigned England

15 January 1559

Elizabeth's Coronation

8 May 1559

Elizabeth's Acts of Supremacy and Uniformity are passed, implementing the Elizabethan religious Settlement

October 1562

Elizabeth seriously ill with small pox

15 February 1564

Galileo dies

27 May 1564

John Calvin dies

19 June 1566

James VI (and later James I of England) is born

9 November 1569

The Northern Rebellion against Elizabeth breaks out

20 February 1570

The Northern Rebellion is finally defeated completely

25 February 1570

Elizabeth excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church

14 November 1575

Elizabeth refuses the sovereignty of the Netherlands

4 April 1581

Francis Drake is knighted

29 June 1585

Elizabeth again refuses sovereignty of the Netherlands

14 August 1585

Elizabeth issues a declaration that she is taking the Netherlands under her protection

1 February 1587

Elizabeth signs Death Warrant of Mary, Queen of Scots


Elizabeth helps England defeat the Spanish Armada

6 April 1590

Sir Francis Walsingham dies 


Trinity College founded by Queen Elizabeth I


Globe Theater is opened


English East India Company is founded


Elizabeth helps the poor with the Elizabeth Poor Law of 1601

20 November 1601

Elizabeth's Golden Speech

24 March 1603

Elizabeth dies in England at Richmond Palace


By Michael L. Adkins


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