Dolls and Toys



 Valerie Clausen                               Janet Oliver                   Janet Oliver


Barbie repainted as Queen Elizabeth






















Unknown                                            Marin                                Barbara Beccie


Queen Elizabeth I Candy Spelling Fantasy Doll by Barbara BeccioElizabeth Doll with draped pearls




















            Brenda Price                                                                 Mary Branca


                        Queen Elizabeth I by Mary BrancaQueen Elizabeth I by Mary BrancaQueen Elizabeth I by Brenda PriceQueen Elizabeth I by Brenda Price















Evelt of Greece                               Peggy Nisbit                  Penzance, England


Queen Elizabeth I by Evelt of GreeceQueen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth by Nisbet 



















“Thinker Doll”

Queen Elizabeth Little Thinker Doll










     Barbie ©                                                                    Ilse Ottenberg    


Queen Elizabeth I by Ilse Ottenberg


























Nelli Cronin              St. Petersburg, Russia                              Mattel, Inc.


Elizabethan Queen BarbieQueen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I