I teach a variety of courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Current students may access relevant course materials including the course syllabus, schedule, and lecture notes/outlines through the myTSU system accessible via the Tennessee State University homepage.      
Undergraduate Courses   Graduate Courses  

CHEM 1110/1111: General Chem. I & Lab

CHEM 1120/1121: General Chem. II & Lab

CHEM 3000: Introduction to Inorganic Chem.

CHEM 4200/4210: Inorganic Chem. I/II

CHEM 4201: Inorganic Chem. Lab

CHEM 4505/4506: Senior Project

CHEM 4910/4920: Seminar


CHEM 5000: Advanced Inorganic Chem. I

CHEM 5010: Advanced Inorganic Chem. II

CHEM 6005/6006: Seminar I/II


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