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I hope that my home page can be of use to you.
My goal is to make this web page a useful resource for the following areas:
WWW Search Engines Federal and Tennessee Web Sites
Home Page Tutorial Virtual Library and Internet Class
Awesome Hot Links Universities and Libraries
Electronic Books and Journals Public and School Libraries
Engineering and Medicine Business and Law
Arts, Museum and Travel Images and Softwares

Please see my favorite photos in my resume.
Last Update: May 9, 1997

WWW Search Engines

Alta Vista--My favorite search engine

Search and Display the Results

Infoseek Search --A fast and comprehensive way to search the web. Type in words and phrases to find information about:

in (Search tips)

All in one--Alta Vista, DejaNews, Excite, Lycos, HotBot, Webcrawler, Yahoo and Pathfinder in one page
Lycos--A powerful databases with over 4 million URLs indexed
Net Guide--Your daily guide to the net
Webcrawler--The search form is very easy to use.
World Wide Web Worm--Best of the web in 1994; quick and easy to search the Web
Yahoo--A popular WWW database

Other Search Engines

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